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Expert Military CV Writing Tips, Day 7…

Welcome back folks here’s the last of our Military CV Writing tips on what you should NEVER include on your CV. Look out for the next series, which will be 10 things you should ALWAYS include. You could also get my book written especially for the Amazon Kindle (only about £3!), which includes almost everything […]

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Expert Armed Forces CV Tips Series, Day 2…

7 Items You Should NEVER Include On Your Armed Forces CV – Tip Series, Day 2 . . . . Hope you found yesterday’s information useful. It’s surprising how many people include such potentially damaging information. Remember, the sole purpose of your Armed Forces CV is to get you in front of a civilian decision-maker […]

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The original Professional CV (Armed Forces) site has gone….

Good news! You can still get a life-changing professional CV from me. Sorry if the site looks a little different to the original. What happened? Long story, but basically an admin cockup led to the hosting account expiring, and by the time I had picked it up (thanks to Col Andrew Parker) even the backups […]

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