The original Professional CV (Armed Forces) site has gone….

Good news! You can still get a life-changing professional CV from me.

Sorry if the site looks a little different to the original.

What happened? Long story, but basically an admin cockup led to the hosting account expiring, and by the time I had picked it up (thanks to Col Andrew Parker) even the backups had been erased.

Lessons learned?

a. make sure your backups are stored independently of your hosting account, and
b. don’t rely on being reminded that your debit card has expired!

I’ve personally written an individual, bespoke, Professional CV for more than 500 successful transitions from the military to civilian employers!

Until the website is completely fixed you’ll have to rely primarily on my reputation to guide you in your choice. Check out the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile to make an informed judgment about whether or not to use me.

I’m a bit biased, but I certainly would [grin]. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, since leaving the Army myself. I have already made the transition to Civvy Street successfully. I’ve helped more than 500 ex-servicemen (Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines) and women into their first civilian job. What I do just works, every time. I only use 20-plus years of marketplace knowledge, supported by continuous feedback from clients, industry experts and employers to ‘sharpen my saw’. It’s not theory, myth or hearsay. Don’t take my word for it, Check out my LinkedIn Profile

Result? You get the interview, and ultimately the job. Simples.

Need some CV writing advice? See my Tip Series here:

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    Hi, for all those clients and fellow warriors visiting this site for the umpteenth time – an apology!
    Due to a complete Horlicks with my hosting provider, the site – more than 10 years’ work – has disappeared into the ether.
    Needless to say I’m very dis-chuffed. You can still reach me via the usual methods (see the Contact page). The site will have to
    be rebuilt over the coming weeks.

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